Terminator 2 at Royal Vegas

 Online slot games with themes are becoming more and more common these days. It is what the developer does with these themes that is rather uncommon. One of the strongest themed slot games that has yet been introduced is the Terminator 2 slot game that is the product of Microgaming, world-renowned as a leader in all things that are related to online casino software. 


 Because it is Microgaming, this is a game that has some of the most advanced player options available, including Autoplay, which allows players to set a wager, click a button and have the reels spin a specific number of times automatically, without anyone having to touch the casino software. But that's not all this slot game is about. 

 The Terminator 2 slot is a five-reel game, and it presents 243 ways to win. There are many features to this game, and they include bonus rounds that give free spins, Of course, that gets triggered by the scatter symbols, which can appear anywhere on the reels as the Time Travelling Orb. When you go into the free spins phase, you would then have 1024 ways to win. And there is a rather amazing feature that comes in the way of a bonus that is triggered at random, if you like those sort of things and there is no reason not to). It is called T-800 Vision, and it simulates you being able to play the game through the eyes of the Terminator, and you are going to track down symbols that will ultimately offer a prize. With just one scatter symbol, more free spins can be activated during this particular phase. 


 You'll be able to see plenty of John and Sarah Connor here, as well as the Terminators, one of which is trying to seek out and destroy Connor, with the other one trying to protect him. What this slot game does is present a complete user experience like few others, and all the bells and whistles for those who are seeking out real video slot action. 


 Of course, that is not the limit to what Microgaming can fascinate you with. There is plenty of other stuff to look at and enjoy, and naturally you want to do this at a casino that offers the very best in reliability. Such a place is Royal Vegas Casino (royalcasinos.ca) , which has an astounding selection of Microgaming offerings, particularly in the realm of slots, where they have more than 200 different games to choose from. Royal Vegas, through Microgaming, also has tremendous variety when it comes to table games, including blackjack, as well as variations of video poker that can allow for up to a hundred hands to be played at a a time.  


 Royal Vegas also backs up everything it does with a customer support structure that is available to customers 24 hours a day, with the live chat operators being the most popular way of getting this kind of help. You'll also find that there are a number of different ways to get in on the action, so you'll never get shut out in any way!