Top 10 Best Thriller Movies of All Time

Movies are one of the best forms of entertainment in the world. It's renowned and known almost by everyone and its already a given that most had already watched a movie or two. These differs according to their genre and the theme - and each theme and genres pack a unique plot line which can intrigue and shock various people according to their taste and preference.

Today, one of the most famous genre out there are thriller movies which packs a plot line and scenarios that will definitely give you goose bumps as well as something to think about as you go through the span of the movie. If you are planning to have a movie marathon of this kind of movie, then feel free to indulge yourself with the top 10 Best Thriller Movies of all time.

There are tons of Thriller Movies that were already released since the beginning of the age of this form of entertainment and whatever age it may be, the Best Thriller Movie is not given just to those who have compelling graphics, but for those with plot line and scenarios to die for.

Starting the countdown is 'Se7en' starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt - both renowned stars in Hollywood. This two searches for a criminal who uses the idea of the Seven sins in committing his treacherous and abominable crimes. Next is the 'Black Swan' which revolves around a ballet dancer who gets the part in the Swan Lake as the white Swan but deliberately has a change at the course of the story which makes her turn into Odile, the Black Swan. Following the Black Swan is 'Leon: The Professional' which is all about assassins. A Cop in 'The Departed' infiltrating an irish gang takes its place on the 7th spot while following it is 'Run Lola Run'.

The 'Dark Knight Rises', from the series of Batman is also one of the best thriller movies that will certainly pack the equivalent action and tension you need. The 'Inception' will then stretch your mind of different possibilities that will definitely excite and intrigue you with its concept and plot line. There's also 'The Heat' which is all about robbers who mistakenly left a clue at one of their previous heist. Another Batman movie 'The Dark Knight', garners second as the black hero fights his archenemy, Joker. Lastly is the 'Pulp Fiction' which contains interesting characters that will definitely intrigue you to watch it.

If you're a fan of Thriller movies, then this list will definitely not fail you. So indulge yourself with these Best thriller movies of all time and get the enjoyment, thrill and excitement you are seeking for.